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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered About TechPie Plugins

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  • How to adapt the timer to different screen size?
    Use the stretch button when configure timer can stretch the timer to adapt to different size screens.
  • Is there a limit of timer can be used?
    No, there is no limit for timer and there is also unlimit of impressions.
  • Why the fonts of timer cannot adapt to mobile device?
    To adapt fonts to mobile device, you need to use the preset designed for mobile, and you can select this in timer preset configuration.
  • How to find the page url when I want to add a navigation button?
    If the page you want to navigate to is in the same site, you can find the page url at the SEO basis section of the page setting when you edit page in wix editor.
  • Why my timer disappeared on the site?
    There are two situation the countdown timer will disappear: when the timer countdown to zero or when the timer is not start in the repeated mode.
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