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Our Latest Product

Countdown Timer By Tech Pie

Increase urgency and drive sales with our feature-packed countdown timer bar widget! Designed specifically for Wix websites, this powerful tool empowers you to create a sense of scarcity and excitement, ultimately converting website visitors into paying customers.

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Our Latest Product

Boost Sales and Conversions With Ease

Increase Sales

combination of urgency and clear calls-to-action paves the way for increased sales and conversions.

Boost Conversions

generating excitement and highlightingl imited- time offers, the countdown bar effectively motivates visitors to purchase.

Create Urgency

Ticking clock instills a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to take action before the offer expires.

Effortless Integration

The widget seamlessly integrates with your Wix website, allowing for a quick and straightforward setup process.

Our Latest Product

Elevate Your Promotions with Style and Precision

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Multiple Countdown Options

Choose between a one-time countdown for a limited-time offer or a repeating timer to build anticipation for recurring events.

Nav Button Can Be Used Variety of Pre-Designed Templates

Select from a range of stylish templates to perfectly match the theme of your sale or promotion. Whether you're hosting a flash sale, a new product launch, or a seasonal discount, there's a template to grab attention.

Seamless Navigation

Integrate a navigation button directly into your countdown bar. This allows visitors to effortlessly navigate to the specific product page or category associated with the promotion, eliminating friction and streamlining the purchase process.

Customization Flexibility

Tailor the countdown bar to your brand identity. Customize the text, colors, and fonts to match your website's aesthetic and ensure a cohesive user experience.

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